Logic, Thought and Action

Logic, Thought and Action

Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, Band 2

von: Daniel Vanderveken

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Veröffentl.: 30.03.2006
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Contributing Authors. 1. Introduction; Daniel Vanderveken.
Part I: Reason, Action and Communication. 2. The Balance of Reason; Marcelo Dascal. 3. Desire, Deliberation and Action; John R. Searle. 4. Two Basic Kinds of Cooperation; Raimo Tuomela. 5. Speech Acts and Illocutionary Logic; John R. Searle and Daniel Vanderveken. 6. Communication, Linguistic Understanding and Minimal Rationality in Universal Grammar; André Leclerc.
Part II: Experience, Truth and Reality in Science. 7. Truth and Reference; Henri Lauener. 8. Empirical Versus Theoretical Existence and Truth; Michel Ghins. 9. Michel Ghins on the Empirical Versus the Theoretical; Bas C. van Fraassen.
Part III: Propositions, Thought and Meaning. 10. Propositional Identity, Truth According to Predication and Strong Implication; Daniel Vanderveken. 11. Reasoning and Aspectual-Temporal Calculus; Jean-Pierre Desclés. 12. Presupposition, Projection and Transparency in Attitude Contexts; Rob van der Sandt. 13. The Limits of a Logical Treatment of Assertion; Denis Vernant. Part IV: Agency, Dialogue and Game-Theory. 14. Agents and Agency in Branching Space-Times; Nuel Belnap. 15. Attempt, Success and Action Generation: a Logical Study of Intentional Action; Daniel Vanderveken. 16. Pragmatic and Semiotic Prerequisites for Predication; Kuno Lorenz. 17. On how to be a Dialogician; Shahid Rahman and Laurent Keiff. 18. Some Games Logic Plays; Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen. 19. Backward Induction Without Tears? Jordan Howard Sobel.
Part V: Reasoning and Cognition in Logic and Artificial Intelligence. 20. On the Usefulness of Paraconsistent Logic; Newton C.A. da Costa, Jean- Yves Béziau, and Otávio Bueno. 21. Algorithms for Relevant Logic; PaulGochet, Pascal Gribomont and Didier Rossetto. 22. Logic, Randomness and Cognition; Michel de Rougemont. 23. From Computing with Numbers to Computing with Words - From Manipulation of Measurements to Manipulation of Perceptions; Lofti Zadeh.
This second volume in the series Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science brings a pragmatic perspective to the discussion of the unity of science.
Contemporary philosophy and cognitive science increasingly acknowledge the systematic interrelation of language, thought and action. The principal function of language is to enable speakers to communicate their intentions to others, to respond flexibly in a social context and to act cooperatively in the world. This book will contribute to our understanding of this dynamic process by clearly presenting and discussing the most important hypotheses, issues and theories in philosophical and logical study of language, thought and action. Among the fundamental issues discussed are the rationality and freedom of agents, theoretical and practical reasoning, individual and collective attitudes and actions, the nature of cooperation and communication, the construction and conditions of adequacy of scientific theories, propositional contents and their truth conditions, illocutionary force, time, aspect and presupposition in meaning, speech acts within dialogue, the dialogical approach to logic and the structure of dialogues and other language games, as well as formal methods needed in logic or artificial intelligence to account for choice, paradoxes, uncertainty and imprecision.
This volume contains major contributions by leading logicians, analytic philosophers, linguists and computer scientists. It will be of interest to graduate students and researchers from philosophy, logic, linguistics, cognitive science and artificial intelligence. There is no comparable survey in the existing literature.
Clearly and systematically presents and discusses major hypotheses, issues and theories advanced today in the analytic and logical study of language, thought and action
Contains major contributions by leading logicians, analytic philosophers, linguists and computer scientists that are of interest and accessible to graduate students and scholars
Contains an extented bibliography

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